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Black Rose is a private professional photography studio located in Armidale NSW. We create beautiful boudoir & glamour photographs with everyday people.

We are available by appointment 7days/week, after hours and on weekends. Our shoots take place mainly on weekends.

A Black Rose photoshoot is a unique experience, and one designed around YOU! If you’ve never stepped in front of the camera before, we work with you to build your confidence to create gorgeous images. We receive rave reviews about the experience of our shoots, so if you don’t quite know what to expect from a boudoir shoot with us - expect the best!

I’m Steve - your photographer - It’s Lovely to Meet You…

You know those pithy one-liners photographers throw out about how I held a camera before I could walk, or that artistic vision is…

That’s not me. 

I’m real, just like you, and I really like to SMILE!

My name is Steve and I love showing you how gorgeous you are! I create beautiful and elegant photographs of everyday people. You may not see your beauty, but I’m determined to. We’re all gorgeous when someone takes the time to see us properly - I’m showing you what I see. And that’s worth it.

Don’t you think?

I’m an educated punk, a non-conforming creative thinker with heart. I love photography, the art of creating something from nothing. I do what I do, understated and gentle. I build trust. That’s why people photos ROCK! OOh’s and AAh’s are my stock-in-trade – I live for that moment - that one where you realise you actually do look smokin’ HOT in your photos. I love that genuine smile. It’s tough to earn, but more valuable for it.

If you walk away from a photoshoot with me, happy with just one image. Truly happy, in a “that’s not me, that’s AMAZING!” kinda way, then my job here is done. Sunlight streams from the heavens and life continues on - just happier and more confident than before…

I create beautiful images.

For you.

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Black Rose Photography
Armidale NSW

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